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Jennifer Aniston, who is not looking for happiness but for well-being

Happiness is the big key to looking good by Jennifer Aniston

The actress would invest 250,000 euros a year in therapy, yoga, skin firming treatments and acting lessons. And you can see the results, if you see them

The girl next door; the “girlfriend” of America; Californian beauty. Jennifer Aniston has always been this and much more. Tormented by gossip and indiscretions like few other Hollywood stars, it has always gone ahead on its way. When the divorce was announced by Brad Pitt or Justin Theroux. Or when there was a right to claim a sandwich (“I’m not pregnant, I’m just fed up”). And now, after 50, the star is fascinated by the continual capacity to renew itself.

And for that eternal girlish air but resolved and at ease with itself.

What are the actress’s wellness secrets? Ian Halperin’s bestseller Friends with benefit tries to unravel a couple. Aniston, who separated a year and a half ago from her colleague Theroux, would invest 250,000 euros a year in therapy, yoga, skin firming treatments and acting lessons. And today the same as long ago the apostrophe “poor girl” cannot fail to notice how peaceful she is. «This shows that in life it doesn’t count as beginnings, but as you finish. While another insider added that today Aniston «is not looking for happiness but for well-being».

Daily meditation and therapy allowed her to face the death of her mother, Nancy Dow, in 2016. Pitt went to the funeral. Although the two were separated for years, they reconciled shortly after the actress’ second divorce. Loved by ex, the public and colleagues, today the actress is still the same as when she played Rachel in Friends: the same smile, perfect skin, little make-up and physique that seems to improve with age. People called it the “most beautiful in the world” in 2016 and is in the top ten of Hollywood’s richest divas, with assets of 180 million euros.

His remedy for tired eyes and wrinkles? “My father was Greek, he was over 80 and you can hardly find a wrinkle. And my grandmother was like that, “he explained long ago,” But I think it’s also thanks to water. Drink lots of water and use quality facial products. Without exaggerating. And then I think he sleeps so much. Sleeping well is always important ». As a good Californian, she has always had a healthy diet: “I usually eat fewer carbohydrates, and my body does not like yeasts, it immediately assimilates them, so I tend to give them to me only on weekends”. Your ideal breakfast? A slice of whole wheat bread, boiled egg and avocado.

And his fitness routine is a cross between different disciplines and needs. He trains daily, at least five days a week. “I start with 40 minutes of cardio: spinning, running, the elliptical or a combination of the three. Then I go to pilates and practice yoga, three times a week. In short, I try to mix a little ». Furthermore Jennifer never leaves home without a high sunscreen on her face and body.

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